• Optimized Press Releases
  • Crisis Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Press Outreach
  • Media Services
  • Press Material Creation

With consumers paying more attention to digital media, many companies are focusing their public relation efforts on search engine optimized press releases.  These releases are similar in nature to a traditional news release but the inclusion of keywords and hyperlinks that register with search engines create content that will saturate the internet.  If done correctly, SEO press releases can keep priority position within search engines for a sustained period of time.  J. Grant Marketing & Consulting can write, distribute and analyze the results for SEO press releases.  Our goal is to create impactful placements on legitimate news sources and relevant Web sites to your company.

Outside of SEO press releases, J. Grant Marketing & Consulting specializes in traditional public relations outreach including press outreach and crisis management.  In addition to the wide range of services offered above, J. Grant Marketing & Consulting also specializes in content creation for Web sites, press materials/kits and external newsletters.

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