J. Grant Marketing & Consulting offers an array of services to help create or build your company’s web presence.  While the foundation of your company is the Web site, ambitious companies go above and beyond, valuing search engine optimization services that bolster search engine placement and translate into more exposure.  See below for a description of all the services that JGM&C specializes in.

  • Website Buildouts
  • Website Revamps
  • Website Maintenance & Changes
  • Microsite Buildouts
  • Landing Pages

We let our work in this area speak for itself.  Please visit our Portfolio to familiarize yourself with websites J. Grant Marketing & Consulting has created.

Through a comprehensive web audit, J. Grant Marketing & Consulting analyzes the functionality, layout and visual appeal of your Web site.  Judging those critical components allows J. Grant Marketing & Consulting  to create a standard for improvement and implement changes that fit within your company’s objectives.  Our objective is to never lose sight of your audience and tailor a website that speaks to your core customer.  The first step in the process, J. Grant Marketing & Consulting is pleased to offer web audits free of charge.

It is imperative for your Web site to have significant placement within major search engines.  Search Engine Optimization is the key to unlock consistent placement at the top of all major search engines. J. Grant Marketing & Consulting offers monthly or bi-monthly services to ensure better positioning of your Web site with search engines.  And we back up our services too, sharing monthly reports on progress and growth in your digital traction.

  • Corporate Facebook Setup & Monthly Maintenance
  • Video
  • Twitter
  • Optimized Press Releases
  • Crisis Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Press Outreach
  • Media Services
  • Press Material Creation

With consumers paying more attention to digital media, many companies are focusing their public relation efforts on search engine optimized press releases.  These releases are similar in nature to a traditional news release but the inclusion of keywords and hyperlinks that register with search engines create content that will saturate the internet.  If done correctly, SEO press releases can keep priority position within search engines for a sustained period of time.  J. Grant Marketing & Consulting can write, distribute and analyze the results for SEO press releases.  Our goal is to create impactful placements on legitimate news sources and relevant Web sites to your company.

Outside of SEO press releases, J. Grant Marketing & Consulting specializes in traditional public relations outreach including press outreach and crisis management.  In addition to the wide range of services offered above, J. Grant Marketing & Consulting also specializes in content creation for Web sites, press materials/kits and external newsletters.

Pay-Per-Click campaigns give your company a feel how consumers are navigating your Web site.  By tracking viewers activity on your site, JGM&C can provide monthly, detailed analysis demonstrating how all facets of your web site are performing.

Utilizing a system that is flexible and SPAM compliant, J. Grant Marketing & Consulting can manage consistent communication with consumers.  Through an email marketing campaign, JGM&C can create custom fields, embed surveys and track results.  Through an analsyis of received data, JGM&C will provide recommendations on how to enhance your email marketing campaigns.

Blogs are no longer a thing of the past.  And J. Grant Marketing & Consulting offers services to capture this market.  Engaging a network of bloggers who can drive traffic, JGM&C can focus a blog campaign boasting quality and targeted content to generate results.  The result is heavy traffic to your Web site and a third-party buzz.  JGM&C tracks, quantifies and updates our clients on the progress of this campaigns

With a collective experience in advancing web sites, J. Grant Marketing & Consulting offers monthly consulting services.  If none of the above services are a perfect fit, JGM&C is happy to serve as a monthly consultant.

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